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The AJACM is the official journal of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd. It is Australia's paramount peer-reviewed journal for the acupuncture and Chinese medicine profession.

AJACM seeks to foster intellectual endeavour and academic exchange about the research and clinical practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and to promote quality in the provision of acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinical services.

Its primary focus is the publication of peer-reviewed articles that enhance quality and diversity in acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinical practice and research, and stimulate the exchange of ideas about clinical practice and the role of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in contemporary health care. AJACM publishes original research articles, general papers, reviews, case reports and case series and also includes general articles that are relevant to the Journal's objectives.

The first issue of AJACM was published in 2006 and it has been published biannually since 2007.

The Latest Issue (Vol 9 Iss 1)


Letters to the Editor

Interview with Professor George Lewith, Professor of Health Research at University of Southampton, UK
By L Lai

Acupuncture for the Mental and Emotional Health of Women Undergoing IVF Treatment: A Comprehensive Review
LE Grant, S Cochrane

A Survey of the Socio-Demographics and Practice Characteristics of Members of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd
C Zaslawski, S Walsh, J James, J Deare

AACMAC Melbourne 2014: Opening Speech by The Hon David Davis MP

The Importance of International Standards and the Role of ISO/TC 249
D Graham

Book Reviews

Current Research Report

Research Snapshots

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