Advertising in AJACM

All quoted rates are in Australian dollars and include Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

   Frequency: Published bi-annually
   Print Run: 2,500
   Readership Profile: Practitioners, academics, researchers, theorists and students in the field of
acupuncture, Chinese medicine, bio-medicine and Asian studies
   Distribution: Australia 65%
Asia-Pacific 25%
Other International 10%
   Journal Size: Finished Size 297mm x 210mm (A4)
   Binding: Sadle Stitched
   Printing: Offset Printing

Display advertising (per issue)

   Placement Depth x Width  Fee (1 issue) Fee (2 issues)
   Outside back cover (full-colour)  297 mm × 210 mm  $2200.00 $1915 ea
   Inside front cover (full-colour)  297 mm × 210 mm  $2000.00    $1750 ea
   Inside back cover (full-colour) 297 mm × 210 mm  $2000.00     $1750 ea
   Full page (colour)  288 mm × 200 mm  $1700.00 $1315 ea
   Half page horizontal (colour)  144 mm × 200 mm  $1200.00 $825 ea



Artwork must be in a PC-compatible format (TIFF, JPEG or High-resolution PDF).

Please supply artwork via e-mail or CD-ROM, including all images and fonts.


Acceptance of any advertising and insertion material is at the sole discretion of AJACM.

AJACM reserves the right to refuse to publish any advertisement or accept any materials for insertion which it feels is in any way inappropriate to the Journal.

Materials must be supplied in the required format and specification.  AJACM will not be responsible for the quality or standard of materials supplied in an inaccurate and/or incompatible format and reserves the right to reject any advertising or materials that do not comply with the specifications.

AJACM does not take responsibility for the printing or photocopying of material for insertion. All such materials must be received printed and ready for insertion.

As AJACM is subject to certain restrictions on both size and weight, AJACM reserves the right to refuse to publish or disseminate any advertisement or advertising material which it feels will cause the Journal to exceed these restrictions.


For further information on advertising, please contact the AACMA national office.

E-mail:  Publications

Telephone:  +61 7 3457 1816